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Beachway Kidz Sponsorships in India

Kidz School Sponsorships

I just wanted to let you guys know how thrilled we are about the Beyond Kidz support.
It means so much to all of us to know that our kids’ educational needs are taken care of.
There is no better way to directly bless a parent’s heart than by providing opportunities for their children.  I believe together we will see great growth

It is an amazing blessing to have your church partnering and dreaming with us.

Jose & Sarah

Partnering with Create Intl. in Thailand2011 07 11_Nthn Thai Evang Video DSC04611

Well, it’s all happening… the DVDs have just been duplicated and will be distributed very soon!

We showed the first DVD to a small group recently and were surprised to see some of them tear up.  So, God is touching their hearts and we can pray that many home fellowships will result!

Our partners would like to personally thank everyone at C3 Church Beachway

Barry & Donna Esau

Partnering with The Perth Thai Christian Church 2012 03 03 Narong & Wannapa

The church community is growing, and we are also assisting people new to Perth.
Recently we saw the start of an exciting new work in Fremantle and started ‘Church on the Streets’ in Perth.

We have thankful hearts for C3 Church Beachway standing with us in many ways.
Praying each of us will know God better this year.

Narong / Wannapa / Boom & Faa

Partnering in the Philippines 2012 Family pic

Your support is great!  It is amazing how God provides for our needs here. We have been looking to Him for provision now since 1982 and He has ALWAYS showed Himself faithful. 

Praising Jesus today. He has placed us in a “body” and that we can serve Him together.

Paul, Deb & Jubab Howells

Partnering in India

In addition to the Preschools, we were recently able to run a children’s holiday seminar which was very successful.  All the parents were very happy!   We will be running a new Pre-school Teacher Training Course in 2014.  Applications open around the world!

Thanks for your support for Joy Centre Preschools.
We are so thankful for you!
In Christ

Joy & Rose

Wonderful Miracles in India

We continue to see God working powerfully in answer to prayer;
- the 2014 Team played cricket with a young previously paralysed boy they prayed for on their last visit

- local Dr’s support the Rapha Health Care Centre, now open three days each week

- a little girl prepared to lose her leg, is now healed without surgery and doing well

“We are so grateful to you for continuing to partner with us.  God Bless You!”.

Prabha & Team 


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