Blokes Blog 03-04-2012

by on Apr.04, 2012, under Blokes Blog

G’day fellas

This week my family and I went for the citizenship test…to become Australian citizens. During this process, I started thinking about what Pastor Rob preached on this Sunday, in the second part of the message about “The Cross”.


We live in a world where earning things by our actions, behaviour, knowledge, abilities, etc is the norm. From young we are taught to strive towards things, to DO the right thing, to fit in…

But God calls us to be counter-cultural, as Pastor Rob shared in the message on Sunday, we cannot DO anything to earn salvation, to earn a place in heaven, to earn eternal life and least of all to earn forgiveness. By faith alone, in Christ alone, can we receive grace.

That amazing grace which paid the debt that we could never pay….


What a blessing, what a release…we don’t have to strive, or pass a test, or prove ourselves, we simply have to accept AND BELIEVE that Jesus, the pure and blameless Son of God, bled to wash away the stains of sin on us and that He died to rise and open the way into eternal life for us.


Let’s ponder on that this week, as we head into the Easter weekend.


See ya on Friday, at Perry Lakes