Blokes Blog 15-05-2012

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G’day fellas

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day and Pastor Karen shared a message about being made into “The pattern of God”.

As always, the message is available for download from


Pastor Karen raised an very interesting and meaningful point about how things that are planned for evil are often turned, by God, into things that work for the good and she illustrated the point by referring to the David and Goliath story and how David used Goliath’s own sword to cut off Goliaths head. The weapon that was intended to crush Israel became the thing that ended the life of the Philistine warrior who challenged Israel….


It is estimated that Goliath was somewhere between 2 m and 2.9 m tall, and the Bible states that his armour weighed about 57 kg and the iron blade of his spear weighed about 7 kg…so we can extrapolate that his sword was probably pretty impressive. Have you ever held or tried to lift a large sword? In our untrained hands they are heavy and cumbersome…and impressive and a little intimidating.


There are times in our lives when we face trials, problems, difficulties in life that are heavy and cumbersome…and impressive and somewhat intimidating. In those times, do we look at the giant of a problem, with its impressive armour and weaponry and get intimidated, fearful….or do we take heart from what David did and use the weapon that we have…the weapon that sometimes looks like a puny slingshot…the weapon that brings down giants and strongholds?


Prayer, in faith, is that weapon!!


To the eyes of the world, prayer might look like a puny slingshot, but let’s remember what prayer is. It is a heart to heart conversation with the Almighty, the Creator of all things…our Saviour and our Father, who hears us. What a mighty weapon indeed…